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Namib Bou Limited is a property development company specifically focused on the development of affordable housing. 
It was established on 21 November 1990 as the N.B.S. Development Company (Pty) Limited. With the merger of Bank Windhoek and the Namib Building Society in 1996, the N.B.S. Development Company (Pty) Limited became part of BWH and its name was subsequently changed to Namib Bou on 10 February 1997.
During 2006, the Board of Bank Windhoek Holdings resolved to realign the focus of Namib Bou to the provision of middle income and affordable housing. Namib Bou was given a capital yield requirement of 10% after tax by Capricorn Investment Holdings to assist with the affordability problems of this market segment.
A number of development initiatives have been undertaken in both the upper and middle market segments in Windhoek. Namib Bou is currently busy with a 5 to 6 year township development project in the affordable housing sector in Ondangwa Extensions 17, 18, 19 and 20 comprising approximately 1,000 houses.



The Namibian housing market is characterized by escalating property prices and a limited capacity to meet the demand for land and housing.

Namib Bou acts as a “facilitator” between the local authorities and financial institutions (commercial banks) to ensure that sufficient housing stock is created over the long-term in order to meet the housing backlog in Namibia.
Our facilitation services cover  the  entire spectrum from town planning,  design, costing, sales,  installation of services and construction of housing through to the final delivery of a home to a client.



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Namib Bou will facilitate the entire process for clients who are able to afford to pay for their own home. Our existing client loans currently range from between N$250 000 to N$650 000 and typically include a packaged deal that consists of a serviced erf as well as the actual home.

Developments will also be conducted in the middle or higher income groups. The objective of these developments is to utilize the profits to cross-subsidize the lower income housing initiatives. 
Please note that a client can select the bank of his/her own choice and that end-user (homeowner) finance will not be limited to Bank Windhoek. Bank Windhoek, does however endeavour to finance between at least 25%-30% of the housing facilitated by Namib Bou. 

It is important to note that Namib Bou does not engage in any form of construction work, but should the need for building construction arise, it will be contracted out on a tender basis. 






• Appointment and management of professional teams
  o We know the role players and can confidently appoint competent 
  o Reputable track record of different professionals
• Town planning on new extensions of existing or totally new towns.
• Housing and infrastructure design;
  o In collaboration with our network of qualified professionals (architects,
     engineers, etc.)
  o Facilitate financing
• Costing and feasibility studies;
  o Transfer of knowledge for creation of affordable housing
• Market studies;
  o Establish demand specifically for own planning
• Marketing & Sales;
  o Marketing and selling erven and houses
• Construction management;
  o Know the role players and can assist in appointing the right people
  o Years of experience in the construction industry and property
• Minimize input costs;
  o Using skills from within the Capricorn Investment Holdings Group


All our services are done in collaboration with local councils.




Our primary role is that of facilitator in the provision of affordable housing, with a limited profit motive. 


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